Assignment: Take a simple mid-west girl and show her more "Eclectic" side.

Mary Lemanski was born one month premature, weighing only 3 lbs., 11.5 oz., but she has been living large since. At age 11 she made her first TV appearance while competing in a talent show. Today Mary may be best known as a songwriter, but she is also a great performer. In June, 2010, Mary released her first full length CD of her own original work, entitled “Eclectic”. One her songs off of the CD “Man of My Dreams”, which was originally written for Jessica Simpson, has been certified as a Top 40 hit by the International Association of Independent Recording Artists.

Mary and I spent a fall afternoon in Chicago collecting shots for her in CD, "Eclectic". Mary wanted to make sure we took the time to photograph her at the Cloud Gate sculpture (aka the "Bean", by British artist Anish Kapoor) in Millennium Park. Due to crowds and fading light, I knew the classic shot, a person beside the bean with a view of the city reflected, just wasn’t going to work. Despite her disappointment, Mary took my direction and followed me under the sculpture. Thanks to my friend (the SB-900 flash!) and a willing subject, I was able to take some fun and unusual shots underneath the "Bean".

Learn more about Mary and her CD “Eclectic” at www.marylemanski.com


  1. I receiced a moving e-mail and was given permission to share it with you.

    "Betsy ~ I just saw your Photo Blog. It is very, very good! I loved it and I believe the same as you do about telling about the pictures.

    My brother in law died 8 years ago and I framed hundreds of pictures I had taken over the years in several collages. I didn't feel like it was finished....so I framed a very dear(to me) picture of him and wrote: When you see these pictures you see a man smiling back, a man with his family, a man having a good time. When I see these pictures ~ I see a story, I relive the memorys, It takes me back.

    It wasn't the exact words but your blog just brought me to that place....man, now you have me crying! lol anyway you did a great job! Sorry for my long post!"