Trayvon Pawn

What is really the truth? That is the question I have asked several times while listening to news coverage of the Trayvon Martin case, as the truth seems to change every few days.

It is hard to say when - or if - the truth will be known. After all, each "truth" is subject to perception. Martin and George Zimmerman surely each have very different versions of the truth. The problem is Martin is not able to tell us his side of the events from that evening.

What is clearly left in the wake of this event are two families torn forever: One who has lost a son and one who sees their son under attack and suffering from the aftermath. In addition to this, as we might expect, we now have a cry to arms from different groups of people.

Everyone and every group has its own agenda. With each agenda, facts seem to materialize to support the chosen point of view. The families are used, abused, and forgotten. The lives changed and pushed aside and instead Martin is diminished to nothing but a pawn. A pawn to prove a point of view, achieve notoriety, even by which to make money.

I have not yet decided what I think of this case and the fall out. However, I know how it makes me feel.